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Dear Espresso Enthusiast

New (Coffee) Website Launch

Espresso International is pleased to introduce the launch of our 2-new coffee online shop websites called www.espresso-international.com and www.espresso-international.co.uk. Showcased on this website, you will find a huge choice of fresh espresso coffee from Italy and Germany, that can now be purchased online. No longer do you have to spend the time to drive to the mall and search for your coffee. You can now shop coffee online and look for your favorite espresso from the convenience of your home and have them delivered right to your door. When you take a moment to browse through our websites, you will see the quality and immense variety of coffee products available. Whether a gift to yourself or for someone else, you will find it here. We have the right espresso beans for everyone! Free Shipping on Orders of 79€+ and you can pay with your amazon pay.

Your payment method information is not shared with us. You do not need to disclose your payment information to others when you use Amazon Pay on our websites. Because your Amazon Pay transactions are linked to your Amazon account, any changes you make to payment methods on the Amazon Pay website will appear in your Amazon account (and vice versa).

We are thrilled to be able now to provide the benefit of online shopping to all our English-speaking customers and invite you to browse through our websites now:

For the UK Market we launched espresso-international.co.uk with £.

Why now an English Shop?

The idea to make an English version of our shop came from our customers from the Scandinavian countries. We got hundreds of email requests for a shop in their native language. Because we listen to our customers wishes we decided to start with an English Version of the Espresso Shop first. Later this year we will continue with more languages.
We will have many items on sale the coming weeks. So, if you are looking for your favorite espresso beans with some new espresso cups, or ese pods with great flavor from your favorite espresso brands. At the moment, we have Coffee Barbera and Nespresso ®* compatible capsules from Hardy on sale. Kimbo coffee espresso, Lavazza coffee beans and Lucaffe will follow.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
Your feedback is welcomed.

Espresso International Team


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